Jessica Biel’s Strange Christmas Tree Ornaments

Jennifer Kucsak

Even though Jessica Biel may seem like a girly girl, the 30-year-old actress told Conan O'Brien this week that she was anything but as a kid! The "Hitchcock" star revealed that she had quite the strange hobby growing up: She used to decapitate her Barbie Dolls. Yikes! Find out what else she would do with her Barbies! The newlywed also said that she kept the dolls heads around and still puts them on her Christmas tree every year. (That's right, she STILL has them!) Plus, all eyes were on Lea Michele at the Miss Golden Globe 2013 party in Los Angeles on Thursday, but did you spot the makeup snafu we noticed? And we're taking a look at our favorite celeb TwitPics of the week. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter which you like best — and why!

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