Heidi Montag Reveals All She Can on New Album Cover

Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag

She's ba-ack! For the 99 percent of us who were absolutely content to live our lives without hearing from one-time reality "star" Heidi Montag ever again, well, we're out of luck.

In search of attention (you win, Heidi!) Montag has just released an extended play called Dreams Come True, made up of a few previously released classics like "Party Is Wherever I Am" and "Overdosin." But wait, it gets worse … or better, depending on what you're into. On the cover, the 25-year-old dons a stripper-esque ensemble, complete with a pink monokini, ample cleavage, high heels, and her bleached-blond hair magically blowing in the wind.

To be sure, Montag's got a fabulous figure to flaunt, most likely because the former "Hills" castmember got a whopping 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in a single day a few years back. (I'm guessing a little photo retouching never hurts either.)

And fellas, for those hoping Heidi will make your dreams come true, don't forget that the gal's a married woman, albeit to a guy we'd all like to forget — fellow "Hills" hanger-on Spencer Pratt. Speidi (their term, not mine) tied the knot more than three years ago and are still going strong, despite an admittedly fake separation in 2010 meant to give Montag's career a boost.

On Tuesday, the proud Mrs. Pratt found a way to send her husband a romantic message via social media and promote her music at the same time, tweeting: "@spencerpratt Your Love Found Me! #DreamsComeTrue"

Yes they do, Heidi. Yes they do.

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