Former Child Stars Rally Against Kirk Cameron in Funny or Die Video

Kathleen Perricone

A group of former child stars want to make it clear that when Kirk Cameron said that homosexuality is "unnatural" last month, he was not speaking for them. In a hilarious new Funny or Die video, actors from such '80s classics as "Mr. Belvedere," "Adventures in Babysitting," and "Small Wonder" all condemn the "Growing Pains" heartthrob for making them look bad with his controversial comments. Calling themselves CCOKC — Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron — the actors, including Christina Lakin ("Step By Step"), Jeremy Licht ("The Hogan Family"), and Kenn Michael ("The Parent 'Hood"), joke that they want to "raise awareness to a serious threat against our civil rights … Kirk Cameron's stupid opinions." Says Licht, "As former child stars ourselves, we don't want to be associated with that horses--t!"

Using Cameron's claim to Piers Morgan during his CNN interview that he was basing his belief on the "foundations of civilizations," Keith Coogan from the 1987 movie "Adventures in Babysitting" retorts, "Let's not forget that the foundations of civilization were invented by the ancient Greeks …" "And we all know what they were getting into: each other," finishes Josie Davis from "Charles in Charge," which starred Scott Baio. "Look, we've met Kirk and he's a very pleasant guy," says Licht. "The problem is he's one of us and he should know better," adds Lakin.

Brice Beckham, who starred as Wesley on the series "Mr. Belvedere," recounts how as child stars they grew up surrounded by gay people at work. "They were our wardrobe stylists, our hairstylists … I'm sure they did other things, too, but mainly they were stylists." The child stars then explain how most homosexuals in show business are "kind, hard-working people" — except one! Neil Patrick Harris. (Don't worry, they're just kidding about the former "Doogie Howser, M.D." star, now on "How I Met Your Mother" … we think.)

At the end of the two-and-a-half-minute clip, all the child stars proudly announce, "I'm a CCOKC," to which Beckham adds, "And Kirk, you're just a d--k."

User discretion advised: Video contains some profanity.

CCOKC - Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron - watch more funny videos

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