First Photos of Lindsay Lohan on ‘Glee’

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She may have had some difficulty getting to the set on time, but Lindsay Lohan managed to pull off her guest appearance on "Glee" — and now stills from the episode have been released. Although fans don't get to see her interact with any of the show's stars, the actress is shown in a scene with Rex Lee, who like Lohan, portrays himself in the May 15 episode. The two actors, along with gossip blogger Perez Hilton, star as judges at Nationals, where the kids from the McKinley High show choir are taking on their nemesis Vocal Adrenaline. "Glee was fun to do!" Lohan tweeted on Monday. "It made me want to live in a world of musicals where people always just burst out into song & dance!"

But Lohan's time spent filming the brief appearance wasn't so whimsical. On April 25, she was three hours late to the set and only arrived after producers sent a car to go pick her up from the Chateau Marmont. Once onset, the actress -- who had been partying in Hollywood the night before -- "was a total nightmare," a "Glee" source told E! Online. "She just didn't want to be there. She did not want to work. She had not memorized her lines, and she kept disappearing so no one could find her."

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Of course, Lohan had an excuse for her behavior … she just blamed the show's producers for the "misunderstanding." Her spokesperson, Steve Honig, said: "The production team came to us and said that they wanted to start [with Lindsay] right after lunch, which was at 2. They wanted to begin with Lindsay at 3, so that meant she had a lot of time where she wasn't doing anything. That's why people didn't see her. She was then in hair and makeup and began after lunch at 3. If there was a problem yesterday, I would have just said 'no comment,' however I can't ignore this because this is utter B.S. This is a classic example of people trying to bash Lindsay."

In the people's defense, she does consistently give us good reasons.

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