David Beckham gives van full of tourists an eyeful


Plenty of tourists who visit Los Angeles every year shell out hefty bucks to take a "Hollywood" tour, but they usually end up seeing little more than the exteriors of a few restaurants, homes, and shops most of us can't afford to patronize. One group of tourgoers, however, got way more than their money's worth thanks to a real-life celebrity sighting that surely only comes along once in a lifetime: David Beckham in his skivvies!

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While driving through Beverly Hills on Tuesday, the van slowed down as a shirtless Beckham looked to be emerging from a wooded area wearing nothing more than khaki briefs. Lest the visitors think that this is how the 37-year-old pro soccer player spends his afternoons, it turned out he had been shooting an ad for retailer H&M.

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Always the good sport, Becks looked toward the bus smiling, and reportedly yelled something jovial out to them as the tourists started snapping photos of the ripped, tattooed hunk. Pics they'll be sure to share with the friends and family back home.

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Though some outlets are wondering if the van might simply have been part of the commercial and full of extras, not tourists, we're just happy that somebody other than Victoria got to get an up-close glimpse of a practically in-the-buff Beckham.

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