Amanda Bynes’ plea to Obama for help with DUI case mocked by Anderson Cooper

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Forget creating jobs for millions of unemployed Americans or trying to get re-elected, President Barack Obama should put all his energy into helping Amanda Bynes get off in her DUI case — at least, according to her. The former Nickelodeon child star tweeted a plea to the POTUS on Tuesday, the day before she plead not guilty, asking him to fire the police officer who arrested her in April after she rammed her car into his cruiser as she left a West Hollywood nightclub. The tweet gave everyone a good laugh, but none more than Anderson Cooper, who is known for his giggle fits on his "Anderson Cooper 360" program on CNN.

In his "Ridiculist" segment on Wednesday — the same day Obama was coincidentally in the Los Angeles area — Cooper ripped Bynes, 26, for her tacky tweet. "If you don't know who she is, join the club," he began. "She apparently used to be on Nickelodeon, then was in the movie 'Hairspray' and some other movies that you've probably never heard of … We're not making light of the charges against her — it's serious stuff. But the reason why she's on the Ridiculist is because like any sensible, quasi-celebrity, she has taken to Twitter to defend herself." Cooper then read Bynes' tweet to the president, which said, "Hey @BarackObama . . . I don't drink," she wrote. "Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end." Added Cooper, "The end -- just like the end to her acting career." He also reminded his viewers that she had used the social network in 2010 to announce her retirement from acting at the age of 24, only to get back on Twitter a month later to say she was returning to show business.

Cooper then proceeded to count down "Things More Important Than Amanda Bynes' Tweets" and in typical Silver Fox fashion, he didn't mince words. "I know what you're thinking: basically anything is more important than Amanda Bynes' tweets. I just want you to be clear on the bar that we had set. For example, we learned today Miley Cyrus is getting married to 'Hunger Games' star Liam Hemsworth. Now on an ordinary day, Ms. Cyrus' engagement would just be a standard celebrity news item. But when compared to Amanda Bynes' tweet, it is basically Watergate, the moon landing and the Oscars all rolled into one." Also more important than Bynes' tweets? A video of a water-skiing squirrel named Twiggy, which Cooper said, "I could watch all day." All jokes aside, he did eventually get serious, at least somewhat. "I wish her the best," Cooper said. "And Ms. Bynes, if you want to keep tweeting the President, that is certainly your right. But maybe you could even give him a call. Just be sure to leave him your number so that he can contact you on The Ridiculist."

Bynes was not in court on Wednesday when her lawyer entered her not guilty plea on her behalf. If the actress, who refused a Breathalyzer test at the scene on April 6, is convicted, she faces a maximum of six months in jail — although with the overcrowding issue in Los Angeles, the sentence would likely only be a few days maximum.

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