Things You Missed at the Oscars: On the Scene at the Dolby Theater

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo Movies

It's Hollywood's biggest show of the year. But with so many stars crammed into one theater, there's a ton of excitement that doesn't make it to the screen. Here from our reporter on site at the Dolby Theater are the greatest moments you didn't see while watching the Academy Awards:

• Before the show as guests trailed in from the red carpet and milled in the lobby before taking their seats, "Captain Phillips" star/Best Actor nominee Barkhad Abdi quietly stood sipping champagne. Asked if he was nervous, he replied: "Nope not at all. Excited." Across the lobby Jessica Biel was sipping white wine, putting those pregnancy rumors to rest. Amy Adams went for champagne. Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender met in a very special bro hug moment when they found each other among the crowd.

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• As people flowed into the auditorium, the producers had a very hard time getting the room to take their seats, beseeching the crowd over the PA to "settle down."

• Once the show started, the "American Hustle" cast loved Ellen's Jennifer Lawrence jokes. Amy Adams especially seemed to take delight, leaning over and laughing.
• Charlize Theron looked particularly touched and moved by Jared Leto's speech; smiling, glancing over at his mom, clapping and cheering loudly. Anne Hathaway too, cheered and clapped when the lights went down and rubbed Leto's back as they walked offstage together. In their seats, Jennifer Garner and Leto's mom chatted. The actor's mother patted her heart and told Garner how much Jared's speech meant.

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• Bradley Cooper leaned over to Amy Adams after her dance moment with Pharrell, giving her a thumbs up. Adams laughed and threw her hands up in the air. The room went wild, it was so fun you could feel the energy shift during his performance. Even Brad and Angelina were super into it, and were among the first to stand up and clap along. The pair danced along, she had her hands clapping along over her head. During commercial breaks the royal couple had some very cute moments, talking closely, smiling, sharing a little PDA — but appropriate PDA.

• Bradley Cooper introduced Charlize Theron to his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse. Cooper and Waterhouse gave Brangelina a run for the money in the cute department, being very affectionate throughout the ceremony. Anytime someone approached Cooper, he made a point to introduce his date.

• During the show, the real party takes place at the bar on the first level, just behind where the stars are seated. Lady Gaga sipped champagne, chatting with guests. Clad in Versace, she answered several "What are you doing here?" questions, explaining she was just there for fun. "I just wanted to go to the Oscars! Who doesn't?" People repeatedly kept stepping on her Versace dress which didn't seem to bother her a bit. Amazingly, Gaga blends in like just another Oscar guest.

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• Power trio: Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sarah Paulson all caught up at the tiny lobby bar. Cate was enamored with the Oscar booklet they give you when you enter, saying she thought it's beautiful. On opposite side of the room: Julia Roberts and Sally Hawkins were catching up.

• The theater erupted at the annoucement of Lupita Nyong'o's win. It lead to a massive standing ovation and few dry eyes in the room. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the first on her feet and seemed genuinely moved. The crowd out in the lobby shushed, TV's were turned up, and after her speech everyone cheered and raised their glasses in tribute.

• Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins were palling around outside the bar, seemingly best of friends. With the Best Actress award less than an hour away Cate seemed totally at ease, relaxed, and happy, snapping photos with anyone who asked.

• A hilarious lobby bar moment: Julia Roberts walked in and went right over to Sally Hawkins, saying, "We didn't win! I can't believe it!" The pair had a big laugh and then enjoyed a drink together. They hung together during the "In Memorium" reel, becoming very emotional at mentions of those close to them, cheering their names. As the moments passed, they moved on to sharing iPhone pictures of their children.