Top-Earning Artist Taylor Swift Takes Tour Down Under

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Wow. Most of us can't imagine ever having more than $35 million in the bank, let alone raking in that much in just one year. But Taylor Swift, 22, added that much to her fortune in 2011, more than any other musician, according to Billboard's annual list of the top-earning artists. Some of the money came from songwriting royalties via her super successful Speak Now album — which reminds me that I have to begin keeping a journal — but what really increased her cash flow was the tour to promote that album.

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For more than a year, the "Mean" singer has hit the stage in Asia, Europe, and North America, and the music hasn't stopped yet. Taylor's currently in Australia, where she's set to play Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena on Monday through Wednesday, before moving on to New Zealand. Whew! All that travel and performing would be exhausting for anyone, so it's good to see Tay enjoying her downtime, such as when she and her brother Austin stepped out for breakfast and some fresh air at Bondi Beach on Saturday. The siblings played in the surf and strolled in the sand before Taylor returned to what must be a grueling gig on the road. Of course, we can't feel too bad for the country cutie, since we know she's getting paid pretty well!

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