Nicolas Cage wears sports coat and jeans to pool during family vacation on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

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Nicolas Cage has always been a little different, so it's no real surprise that during a pool outing with his wife and young son at their hotel in Italy's Amalfi region on Monday that he was covered up from neck to toe in a sport coat, jeans … and white sneakers. (Could this have anything to do with the reports that Cage is actually a centuries-old vampire?) The "Ghost Rider" actor allowed his face to get a little sun as his wife of nearly eight years, Alice Kim, tanned herself in a purple bikini and their 6-year-old son Kal-El dove in and out of the water wearing swimming goggles.

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As they exited the pool area at the lux Hotel St. Catherine, Cage put his arm lovingly around his son as they headed towards an awaiting car that took them to a nearby shopping district. Once the trio got to their destination, he then took little Kal-El, still in his swim trunks, by the hand as they walked the cobblestone streets. At one point, Cage stopped to browse at a tiny shop that sold trinkets and jewelry — and he left with a bag.

The lavish getaway is somewhat surprising considering that Cage, 48, has been having some major financial issues. The Hollywood star owes the IRS a staggering $14 million in back taxes that he never paid from four separate years beginning in 2002. Cage, who blamed the problem on his accountant, began paying it off in 2010 with a lump sum of $360,545 … which barely makes a dent in the debt.

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