Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s unusual dinner date in Paris

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In the short time Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been dating, we've become accustomed to seeing them out with Jay-Z and Beyonce — after all, the fellas, who are frequent collaborators, have been touring together, and the ladies appear to have hit it off. However, Kimye — who are in Paris for Fashion Week — had a dinner date with someone we never would have guessed was part of their crowd: Bar Refaeli.

Outfitted in black-and-white ensembles, which seem to be their favorite colors these days, the twosome left the Valentino runway show on Wednesday and met up with the Israeli model at Ferdi in the French capital. They must be big fans of the restaurant — which is frequented by A-list fashion designers, including Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin — because they hit up the eatery last month too. However, that time they made quite an arrival, pulling up in a Lamborghini. This time, they strolled in hand-in-hand while Refaeli walked off to the side. While it's unclear how the unusual trio met, there's a good chance they talked fashion, something they all have in common since they're all (kind of) in the biz. And it's possible they met up with a larger party inside the restaurant, because Melanie Brown, of Spice Girls fame, tweeted Kardashian and West on Wednesday night to tell them she and her husband enjoyed dining with them.

Clearly Kanye and Kim have a busy social calendar between attending fashion shows and having celebrity dinner dates! They also visited the Eiffel Tower, with Kim sharing a photo of the landmark on Twitter.

It seems likely the couple will be returning stateside soon as Kim's big sister, Kourtney, is expected to give birth to a daughter any minute now. And Kim appears to miss her little sister Khloe as well. "Koko, will be home soon!" she tweeted to Khloe on Thursday. "I miss u more my lil churro."

Meanwhile, Refaeli is in the City of Lights after recently spending time with Olympic medalist Shaun White. After hooking up at a Memorial Day party, reports have been circulating that the two are indeed linked. And the model, whose last long-term relationship was with Leonardo DiCaprio, surely seems to be feeling the love during her Parisian adventure. She shared her own snapshot of the Arc de Triomphe and wrote, "Viva Paris," as well as "I luv that city."

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