Rihanna Pals Around With Paparazzi in Hawaii

Lizbeth Scordo
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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. That seemed to be Rihanna's motto over the weekend while vacationing in Hawaii, where she found herself (surprise, surprise) trailed by a gaggle of paparazzi on the beach.

Determined to get their shots, the pesky paps followed the "Disturbia" songstress — who was donning a cowboy hat and itsy bitsy bikini — into the Pacific, where Rihanna approached one of the photographers and grabbed his camera. After a friend snapped a pic of the in-water incident, Rihanna tweeted it out to her more than 18 million Twitter followers with the note, "Me high jackin the PaPz."

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The "highjacking" was apparently all in good fun, as Rihanna continued to goof around with the guys, at one point getting a bunch of the photogs in the water with her for a picture, which she also posted to her Twitter account, along with the comment: "What is life when u make the Papz get in the water and take shotz."

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And after taking a peek at the pic, it looks like the "shotz" she's referring to aren't the camera kind, but rather, the adult beverage kind. In the photo, Rihanna, some friends, a few photographers, and others are holding drinks while hanging on to surfboards in the sea. Maybe it was the sun coupled with the alcohol, but by the end, the pop princess and the paps were actually pals, with Rihanna tweeting out a final pic of a photographer named Corey (she's on a first-name basis with the guy now!) and writing the next day that she got another one's business card: "Pap handed me his business card today, with my picture on it <<<<<<< poor dat."

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Rihanna's no stranger to keeping fans up-to-date on her goings-via Twitter, and in recent months has tweeted out everything from a topless picture of herself (with her hands strategically placed over her chest) to a photo from the Coachella music fest of her sitting on a man's shoulders touching a powdery white substance on his head. (She later fired back at reports it was cocaine.)

As for the paparazzi, getting to have a drink in the ocean with a bikini-clad superstar in Hawaii, well that just might be a first. Nice work if you can get it …

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