Pink shares personal photos of her childhood Halloween costumes

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Pink has always had a bit of a dark side — even as a sweet-faced little girl!

In honor of Halloween, the fun loving singer dug up old photos of herself in some of her most memorable costumes, and shared her walk down memory lane with fans on Instagram. As evident by the vintage snapshots, the 33-year-old had a lot of personality as a child — something that hasn't changed a bit now that she's a superstar.

The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" songstress posted both sassy and sweet shots, including one in which she's dressed in a blue-and-white clown costume with pom-poms running down the front. Her makeup job certainly wasn't CoverGirl caliber, but, boy, was mini Pink — with her blond bowl haircut — cute! "It wasn't Bob Mackie, but it was pretty fabulous," she said of the getup, adding, "I was always a clown!!!!"

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Another syrupy shot is of Pink from several years later dressed up as a piece of bubblegum. Her hair was darker at that point — and it was long before she embraced the edgy trademark hairstyle she's known for today. The homemade ensemble, consisting of basically a piece of poster board with trash bags attached to either side, reads, "Sugar-Full Bubble Gum!" Perhaps a play on sugar-free? As for her candy girl look, Pink offered just one word of commentary: "Ouch."

And, like many other children of the '80s, Pink also went through a Material Girl phase. In one pic, she's standing next to a boy, likely her brother, while dressed in an oversized white shirt and lace tights. Her hair is in a ponytail and she has on a mask. She's also striking a serious pose, with her hand on hip as if she owns the world. "This must've been my interpretation of Madonna," the singer joked.

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Our favorite pic from the bunch features her showing off her darker side. "Not sure what I was going for here," Pink wrote. "Started out as Glinda the Good Witch and went straight to the dark side." Wearing what appears to be a First Communion outfit — with a veil! — Pink is making an awesomely frightful face while pressing her crazy-long red nails to her face.

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Now a mom herself, Pink can dress up her own daughter — 16-month-old Willow — and take her out trick-or-treating near their Los Angeles home. And, as most parents do, she can snag a few treats of her own from Willow's candy bag. In her recent interview with Shape magazine, in which she shows off her amazing post-baby body, she revealed some of her candy vices. "Anything sour," she said, before ticking off a list that included Sour Skittles and Sour Patch Kids.

Sounds like she's moved on from "Sugar-Full Bubble Gum!"

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