Nicki Minaj’s Wardrobe Malfunction


As usual, Nicki Minaj gave a performance to remember on "Good Morning America" Friday thanks to her big frizzy blond wig and crazy stage props, which included a juicy turkey leg and an inflatable throne. But what caused the most buzz around Nicki's concert was her wardrobe malfunction. While bouncing around the Central Park stage, singing her new hit song "Where Them Girls At," the hip-hop star got a little more exposure than she may have been looking for when her crop-top slipped down for a brief second. Oops!

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Ever the professional, Minaj, 28, didn't seem fazed by her nip slip. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, but raised in NYC, the female rapper was thrilled to be performing in such a Big Apple landmark. "I never imagined myself playing in Central Park," she told "GMA's" Robin Roberts. "I'm a hometown girl. I love New York. I'm New York to the fullest!"

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Nicki -- who everyone knows loves the color pink -- also never imagined she'd be getting to tour this summer with Britney Spears. "I couldn't believe I had an opportunity to go out with a queen like Britney," she gushed. "She's paved the way with so many people." Other musicians Nicki would like to work with include Madonna and Lauryn Hill. "I used to say I wanted to marry Lauryn Hill!"

Aside from her music idols, the human Barbie doll has a few other things she turns to for inspiration. "You know what inspires me?" Minaj asked the crowd. "Fearlessness, drive. I hate lazy people. Stay in school, don't you ever be lazy. Barbs [she calls her fans "Barbs" and "Ken Barbs"], don't you ever complain about hard work. Work hard. It pays off."

In Nicki's case, it looks like it did.

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