Nick Carter Resumes Tour After Death of Sister Leslie


Nick Carter, 32, the heartthrob of the Backstreet Boys, continues his solo tour after the tragic death of his sister, Leslie, 25. Leslie, who's also the older sister of Nick's brother Aaron Carter, 24, died last Tuesday after an apparent overdose of prescription medications for depression and mental disorders, according to ABC News. (Besides Nick and Aaron, Leslie had two other siblings, a husband, and an infant daughter.) Nevertheless, the "I Want it That Way" singer took to the stage to sing some solo tracks and some BSB hits on Thursday in New York City, Friday in Baltimore, and Saturday in Philadelphia.

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Police Report: Leslie Carter Overdosed

"Performing is cathartic to me and I am dedicating the rest of my tour to my sister since she loved to watch me perform," Nick said in a statement.

On Sunday, Leslie was laid to rest in Mayville, New York, but Nick was not in attendance. When asked by TMZ why he missed the funeral, the singer insisted that it had nothing to do with his concert schedule and blamed his family for his absence. "I wanted to be at my sister's funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic," he explained. "There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused."

A TMZ source added that Nick believed that his family members went out of their way to make sure he wasn't included.

Fortunately, fans at his shows have been especially supportive of Nick during this difficult time. In NYC, for instance, one fan passed out paper pink hearts that the crowd held up to show their love. And he's been very grateful, according to Twitter. "Thankful to the many people and the fans who have shared their wishes and prayers," he wrote. "Looking forward to hanging with my extended family -- my fans."

Nick is set to hit Boston and five other cities before wrapping up his tour next Sunday, and will head back into the studio to record some new tunes with the Backstreet Boys later this month.

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