Kid Rock’s Rooftop Bash


Wherever Kid Rock goes, he seems right at home. Monday night was no exception. After making an appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the 40-year-old singer, who is currently on tour with ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow, headed to a party at the top of the Hotel on Rivington in NYC looking as if he were going to a backyard barbeque. I guess that made sense since he threw the bash himself to celebrate his Men's Journal cover, as well as his Born Free album going platinum.

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"We had a little excuse to throw a party, so we gotta' take advantage of that," Kid Rock told the New York Observer. As one would expect, the shindig wasn't fancy. The Detroit native served his guests, who included country couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Jim Beam and his own beer, Badass American Lager. Although he's getting older, he still knows how to have a good time, but admits he's had to slow things down a bit when it comes to partying and touring. "We didn't give a sh** when we were 27," he says in Men's Journal. "[My tours were] like a pirate ship rolling from town to town. Now, I'm more conscious of picking my nights when I can party. If I have a show the next night, I can't break out a bottle of whiskey and be sucking off of it. I guess that's the sh** that happens when you get older."

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One thing that never changes for the performer is caring about what his hometown of Detroit thinks of him. "I really care about what people think of me in this town, because my son is here, my family is here, my roots are here. I don't give a sh** anywhere else, but here I'm very conscious of it."

Pick up the July issue of Men's Journal to read more of Kid Rock's interview.