Jennifer Hudson Rocks ‘GMA’ Despite Food Poisoning


Jennifer Hudson had two morning show appearances scheduled on Friday to promote her latest album, I Remember Me. Unfortunately, she became ill after performing on ABC's "Good Morning America" and never made it to the CBS "Early Show." According to her rep, Hudson "went to the hospital due to severe abdominal pains" and "was treated for food poisoning and released."

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Fortunately, all of the 29-year-old singer's fans who gathered in NYC's Central Park for the "GMA" appearance still got treated to a mini-concert by the "American Idol" alum, who looked absolutely fabulous in a flowing white top and high-waisted black mini skirt.

Jennifer -- who has shed a whopping 80 pounds -- also chatted with hosts Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer to discuss her upcoming movies ("Winnie," "The Three Stooges") and memoir, which she hopes will "inspire others in their weight loss journey."

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She also answered a few quickfire questions such as ....

What's she addicted to? "Chocolate."

If she weren't a singer, what would she'd be? "A tattoo artist. I would never get a tattoo, but if someone out there will allow me to put a tattoo on them, come to my shop."

Is there a band past or present she wishes she could be in? "I wish I was a rock star. I think I'd be in Aerosmith."

Is there another reality show she secretly would like tp be on? "Top Model!"

Check out the clip below to see more of JHud's "GMA" interview:


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