Hold your ears: Octomom is releasing a dance song!


Just in case you were looking for the perfect tune to add to that playlist with Rebecca Black's "Friday," Kim Kardashian's "Jam (Turn It Up)," or Heidi Montag's — well, any Heidi song really — here's a suggestion: a new track from Octomom Nadya Suleman! As TMZ reports, the mom of fourteen will release a dance song called "Get On the Dance Floor" on August 1. And, as if that wasn't exciting enough, Octomom not only sings but raps on it! Suleman, who signed with Global Groove Entertainment, teamed up with producers DJ Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo, who have worked with real musicians, like Britney Spears, Usher, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift, according to the website. It was all very professional: Suleman even reportedly took two singing lessons before hitting the studio!

Suleman, who will turn 37 on July 11, has resorted to all sorts of outlets for making money in the last few years, mostly to pay rent for her large family's Orange County, California, home that's now in foreclosure. She tried to file for bankruptcy protection this year, claiming that she owes $1 million to creditors. However, the court dismissed the case in May because she didn't include the correct financial documents in her filing, according to The Daily Beast. So to come up with the cash she's released a sex tape, participated in a celebrity pillow fight, and hawked products like payday loans. (She was also supposed to perform at a gentleman's nightclub, but that plan was scrapped after employees made "unprofessional" comments about her on the local news.) Now, we can add she's recorded a song to that list.

Despite what it looks like from the outside, though, Suleman recently insisted she's not the kind of person who enjoys the spotlight. "If I had not been catapulted into the public eye, I'd be trying to get my Ph.D. right now. I'm a total nerd, introvert. This is not me," she told The Daily Beast. "I've never wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I'm going with the flow because what other profession could I possibly earn enough money to provide for 14 children? There is no other." Do you think Octomom can count on her music career to make some money?

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