Gwyneth Paltrow gets surprise kiss from husband Chris Martin – in front of 20,000 people

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin usually go to great lengths not to be seen in public together, yet at Coldplay's sold-out show in Miami last week, the singer planted a big kiss on his wife in front of 20,000 fans at the American Airlines Arena. The sweet gesture happened just after the band finished playing their first-ever hit song, "Yellow," which 35-year-old Martin dedicated to his "incredible wife." He then jumped off the stage and ran through the crowd until he got to Paltrow's seat. After the smooch, the audience roared with applause as the Oscar-winning actress, 39, laughed and hid her face in embarrassment as those around her snapped pictures with the phones.

The couple — who married in December 2003 and has two kids: daughter Apple, 8, and 6-year-old son Moses — continued the love fest after the show. Post-concert, Paltrow and Martin headed over to the Fontainebleau Resort's LIV club with friends, but inside, they only had eyes for each other. "Chris and Gwyneth drank champagne and she was all over him," reports People magazine. "They looked so much in love. Gwyneth danced all night."

Their lovey-dovey night on the town is a rarity show for Paltrow and Martin. When asked about their seemingly separate lives, she told Elle UK in 2010, "It doesn't behoove us to be a public couple. He certainly doesn't want that. We've never ever walked down a red carpet together, we never will."

Never say never, Gwyneth!

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