Britney Spears in talks to write new novel, rep confirms

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Following in the footsteps of Lauren Conrad and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Britney Spears is poised to fictionalize her life in a novel. Spears' rep confirmed that she's "having discussions" with It Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pop star's tome would be similar to Conrad's best-selling L.A. Candy trilogy, which is about a teen who moves to L.A. and finds herself starring in a reality series, or Snooki's A Shore Thing, the story of two gals who spend the summer partying at the Jersey Shore. Does any of that sound familiar?

Although Spears' book would mark her first roman a clef, it surprisingly would not be her first time as an author. Spears wrote a non-fiction book called Heart to Heart about her rise to fame and her relationship with her mother Lynne Spears in 2000, and a children's book called A Mother's Gift in 2001 about a poor girl from Mississippi who attends a fancy performing arts school. (Yeah, we never read them either.)

"The X Factor" judge's new novel could be a chance for her to continue the story she started in her 2000 song "Lucky." The music video shows a Hollywood star named Lucky who is adored by the masses, yet feels isolated and alone in her personal life. "She's so lucky, she's a star," Spears sings on the track. "But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart."

Whether she goes with the "Lucky" storyline or not, Spears won't have a shortage of material to use for her new project. Since writing her other books, she's famously starred in a (terrible) reality show; gotten married (twice), divorced, and engaged again; had two sons; shaved her head; been carried out of her house on a stretcher; bombed a so-called "comeback" performance; sold millions more records; and returned to reality TV as a judge on a high-profile singing competition. Sounds like she's got enough stories for a couple of books!

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