Bret Michaels unveils music room at hospital where he was treated for brain hemorrhage


Bret Michaels' life was saved by the doctors at Phoenix's St. Joseph's Barrow Neurological Institute in 2010, and on Tuesday, he got to repay the favor. The "Rock of Love" star unveiled the Bret Michaels Hospitality and Music Room, which he hopes will be a place where patients and their loved ones can seek refuge "to take their mind off what's going on with their family," he told reporters at the grand opening.

The room, located on the hospital's third floor, is decorated with inspirational quotes, guitars, concert photos, and other memorabilia of the Poison lead singer. "It's just a remarkable thing," marveled Dr. Joseph Zabramski, who treated Michaels, at the unveiling. "It's something that seems to be programmed into our brain. Every society has music and music is an escape … What I found was that the man that wrote 'every rose has its thorn' is actually a rose among the thorns."

Michaels, 49, is no stranger to the St. Joseph's Barrow Neurological Institute. In April 2010, just 10 days after he underwent an emergency appendectomy, he was once again rushed to the hospital with an "excruciating" headache. Doctors there discovered that the rocker had suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain. After a week, his condition was upgraded to critical and Michaels was once again conscious and talking, although not as well as before. After making a full recovery, just one month later, Michaels once again was hospitalized, this time with a hole in his heart.

Luckily, these days the father of two daughters is healthier than ever. Last year, he said that spell of bad health was "a roller coaster." But Michaels adds, "when you have an amazing family, and you still have a lot music left to make, and you have such incredible and supportive fans behind you, you're going to fight until the very last breath before you throw in that towel."

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