‘American Idol’ Alums Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo Get Engaged During Finale

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Phillip Phillips wasn't the only one who had a life-changing moment during last night's "American Idol" finale. Show alums Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo became engaged.

Young, 31, reached out to producer Nigel Lythgoe last week to say he was going to pop the question to DeGarmo, 24, and wanted to see if he could do it during the finale. "[I] said, 'I want to do this. I'm going to do this. Is there any way I could do it at the show?'" Young told People after the show. "He said 'Yes, I'm not going to tell anybody until the day of … [and] I want you to figure it out with Ryan Seacrest."

And work it out he did! The duo was seated in the audience — and DeGarmo was considering going to the bathroom to fix her hair, according to People — when Seacrest suddenly called them up to the stage during the telecast. After mentioning the news that they recently moved in together, Seacrest asked for the lights to be dimmed, the elimination music started to play, and Young dropped to one knee.

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"This has always been home to us and I felt that this would be the perfect place to ask a simple question. We have conquered Broadway together. We have created our new music together. We have an amazing group of people around us. And with the help of David Webb Jewelry," he said, working in a plug for his jeweler. "I have a way to make this fun last forever. Are you ready? I love you to death. You're my best friend. I want to make this last forever and I will do anything in my power to have the most ... amazing life together if you will have me. Diana Nicole DeGarmo, will you marry me?"

With tears streaming down her face, DeGarmo replied "yes" and they shared a long kiss. They both were shaking as Young slipped the ring on his fiancée's finger.

And about that ring… Young told People that his lady love is a fan of sunflowers, so he designed the engagement ring to look like one. It has a yellow diamond, two smaller diamonds on the side, and a yellow gold band. Us Weekly has the first photo of the sparkler, which you can see here.

Funny enough, Young, who was on season five of the show, and DeGarmo, from season three, didn't meet through "Idol." They both starred in the 2010 Broadway revival of the musical "Hair." After the show they ended up in Los Angeles and started living together. They are collaborating together musically too — they have a duet on her new EP, Live to Love.

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