Adam Lambert Calls His New Album a ‘Make-or-Break Thing for Me’

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Adam Lambert's new album is called Trespassing, but he was certainly a welcome guest this morning on "Good Morning America." The entertainer, sporting a hair-raising 'do for his appearance, sang his new single, "Never Close Our Eyes," on the morning show in anticipation of the album going on sale Tuesday.

This is the second studio album for the "American Idol" vet, who wanted full creative control, so he executive produced it and also co-wrote many of the songs. "This is a big make-or-break thing for me, especially for someone who comes off of 'Idol,'" Lambert, 30, told Billboard. "I did have a hit, which was great. That was one big step. Now what? Is that going to be it? Am I a one-hit wonder? So I wanted to get really involved in the process to make sure I was doing everything I could to create a great album. And I think I did."

The singer said that Trespassing reflects the knowledge he's gained since being launched into the business following his star-making turn as a flamboyant showman during Season 8 of "Idol." "Going into album two, I know who I am as an artist now," he told Billboard. "The last time I felt like I had to do all this stuff to prove something. With [Trespassing] it's a bit more like, 'Oh, that's a dope song. That's a cool melody. That's a cool groove. That's a cool song.' Not, 'Look how high I can sing that note 30 or 40 times in one song.'"

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Further, Trespassing will be more personal than Lambert's first album, For Your Entertainment, which was put together quickly following his "Idol" stint. "I wanted it to reflect my social scene, not just what I knew my fans were going through," Lambert told Billboard. "So I'm writing about my gay friends — you know, going out and getting laid. I'm in a relationship right now, so I'm exploring monogamy and a serious thing, which is really cool. But I was single before that and there's a lot of joy in that, too. So there are songs about going out and getting freaky."

As for that monogamous relationship, Lambert is dating Finnish "Big Brother" winner Sauli Koskinen. During a recent appearance on "Chelsea Lately," Lambert revealed, "We're super happy. I met him when I was out there [in Finland] doing a concert and … he's great. We're very happy. I've always been the single guy so I'm just like, 'Yes! I got a boyfriend!'"

While Koskinen has certainly inspired Lambert's new album, so has life. "I did write a couple about my boyfriend," he told the talk show host. "Some are real sexy, crazy while others are romantic. My whole thing is I write from my experiences. I write from a first-person perspective. But I'm trying to write music that anyone can related to. So, yeah, I'm the gay guy who was on 'American Idol' but I'm also the human guy who sings."

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