Katie Holmes Loves Ice Skating During the Holidays – But Admits She’s ‘Not Good At All’

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Katie Holmes has become a full-fledged New Yorker since her recent divorce from Tom Cruise – with the Broadway credentials to prove it! – and loves being in the city during the holidays. So what is her favorite activity during the most wonderful time of the year? Ice Skating. The only problem? She’s terrible at it.

“I really like to go ice skating,” the 34-year-old said on “Late Show With David Letterman” Thursday. When asked where in the Big Apple she goes to lace up, she replied, “I like the Chelsea Piers. Rockefeller Center scares me because there are so many people and I’m not very good. I’m not good at all.”

Through the years Holmes has been seen skating with her 6-year-old daughter Suri – and ex Cruise – but it apparently hasn’t improved her skills. She says whenever she hits the rink, staffers there often offer her lessons because she’s so bad, and small children are at risk when she’s on the ice. “Every time I go I’ll think: Today I’m going to be really good,” laughed Holmes, who actually served as the ambassador for the Artistry on Ice skate event in China over the summer. “But the last time I was skating, I just kind of held on to the side and had to scoot little kids out of my way. I can’t let go or I’ll fall! So I try to only go in secret at very small rinks.”

This holiday will be a working one for Holmes, who is starring in the play “Dead Accounts;” she only has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. It’s probably for the best that she’s busy because she’ll be without her permanent sidekick Suri for at least part of the holiday. Earlier this month Cruise said their daughter would be spending Christmas with him and his two older children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman: Connor, 17, and Bella, 20. "We have got lots of very special things planned," Cruise told People magazine. "We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it."

Meanwhile, Holmes has been embraced by her Broadway family in NYC. She told Letterman that her co-stars surprised her with a cupcake party backstage earlier this week. And there are new reports that she may be dating someone. According to the New York Daily News, Holmes was spotted with a “handsome guy” who walked her inside her Chelsea building late Saturday night and lingered while they said an extended goodbye.“They were saying a long, long goodnight, talking and looking pretty romantic in the lobby around 2 a.m.,” an eyewitness said. “He looked like a finance type, was wearing classic Cole Haan shoes and a navy pea coat. He walked her to the elevator and then she said ‘good night’ and smiled.”

If she’s back on the dating scene, good for her. However, may we recommend that their date nights include activities other than ice skating.

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