John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Release Cheesy, Low-Budget Christmas Music Video

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While "Grease" is a classic film, it certainly wasn't a cinematic masterpiece. Still, we expected better production quality from the music video for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's "I Think You Might Like It," which was released today. The low-budget cheese fest begins with the "Pulp Fiction" actor flying his plane as he sings, "Here comes my hometown/so good to get my wheels down." Meanwhile, Newton-John is shown driving around — going what looks like 10 mph — with her passenger seat filled with Christmas presents. Once Travolta, 58, lands, he dramatically throws up his arms, jumps out of the plane, and does a slow-motion run to Newton-John, 64, who he picks up and swings around.

The video then cuts to a tiny airport in Ocala, Florida (the Travoltas have a home there), where his 12-year-old daughter Ella and some of her friends are excitedly waiting with presents in their hands. Who are they greeting? His wife Kelly Preston, who walks through the doors with the couple's youngest child, 2-year-old Benjamin. All while this is happening, Travolta and Newton-John are driving around town in her classic car … except when they inexplicably get out to line dance on a sidewalk. Never once does Travolta interact with his own family members, who spend their time getting their groove on in an empty airport lobby with a bunch of strangers, including two soldiers and a police officer.

"I Think You Might Like It," from This Christmas: John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, is supposed to be a sequel to the "Grease" stars' classic song, "You're the One That I Want," and was written by the same lyricist. Proceeds from the album, which was released on November 13, will go to their favorite charities, the Jett Travolta Foundation for children's disabilities and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

"We all felt a wonderful, joyful energy while recording this album," Newton-John says of the holiday song collection. "We want to make a lot of people smile and happy. It's a project that we're hoping turns into a perennial, one that can continue to raise money for these causes year after year, a gift that keeps on giving."

She's right about that: This music video is definitely the gift that keeps on giving … if you can actually sit through it.

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