Top Backstage Moments From the Golden Globes

Mike Krumboltz
Coverage of 69th Annual Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards are a fun night out in Hollywood. The booze flows, the celebs aren't so serious (like they are at the Oscars), and the unscripted moments come fast and furious.

This year's ceremony, set for January 16, will be hosted by Ricky Gervais. He's given the show plenty of memorable (cringe-worthy?) moments in the past, but the "Extras" star is just one of many to have a little too much fun on the night of the ceremony.

Below, we've listed some of the best, funniest, and most random instances of backstage drama at the Golden Globes. It's not all glamour, kids.

1. Jennifer Lopez makes threats

Jennifer Lopez confronted Gervais, who was serving as host, backstage last year. Apparently J.Lo was concerned that Gervais was going to make a joke or two at her expense. J.Lo said to Gervais, "Listen! I will kill you, you understand? I am from New York, my husband fights, we both fight, we will beat you up after the show." All in good fun!

Meryl Streep's four-letter words

Speaking of salty language, Meryl Streep was heard swearing like a sailor backstage in 2010. The Oscar-winning actress was talking about the language used on some blogs and how it upset Julia Child, who Streep portrayed in "Julie and Julia."

3. Backstage mix-up

Last year, Colin Firth (who had just won best actor for his role in "The King's Speech"), was mistakenly addressed as "Colin Farrell" by the press room moderator. Awkward.

4. "Twilight" toast

Also last year, Robert Pattinson was seen chugging a beer backstage (for all his superfans, it was a Heineken). Pattinson was considering using a bad French accent when he presented the award for best foreign-language film. Wisely, Pattinson played it straight.

5. Missing the moment

But all those are just warm-ups to the ultimate unscripted Golden Globes moment that happened offstage. In 1998, Christine Lahti won the best actress award for her role on TV's "Chicago Hope." Michael J. Fox called her name, but Lahti was nowhere to be found. Turns out, she was in the bathroom. According to Vanity Fair, Robin Williams jumped onstage and told a few jokes until Lahti made it onstage. When you gotta go...