Sofia Vergara Explains New Year’s Eve Vegas Emergency

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Despite reports that Sofia Vergara saved a woman's life in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, the "Modern Family" star explained to Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover that it was simply a case of too much celebrating.

"I didn't save her life!" the actress said on Monday's Access Hollywood Live . "I was at Hyde, a club in Vegas, and when we were leaving some woman just passed out. It was horrible because she just collapsed."

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Despite being decked out to celebrate the coming of 2012, Sofia sprang into action.

"I went running with the high heels and champagne," she continued. "My cousin is a doctor, so I was screaming for her in case it was something really bad."

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But, the actress and her cousin quickly figured the woman had only been celebrating a bit too much.

"My cousin and I just realized she was just drunk," Sofia told Billy and Kit. "We just stayed with her until the paramedics came."

And with the 2012 Golden Globes coming up this weekend, where Sofia is nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in Supporting Role, the "Modern Family" star told Billy and Kit she - unlike the unidentified Vegas reveler - will keep her partying in check.

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"You know, like the normal [amount of drinking.]" she said. "Nothing crazy. I can still walk and work the next day."

As for her Golden Globe gown, Sofia is going glam and staying comfortable.

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"I like to look sexy, I always pick things that have a lot of stretch, you can dance, you can sit, you can roll on the floor," she added.

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