Woody Allen Goes Back to School

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OK, so he might be a little older than some of the other dads, but 75-year-old Woody Allen still hasn't tired of walking his little girl to school. Allen and his daughter, Manzie Tio, were spotted on Thursday morning in Manhattan, properly prepared for any rain that might come their way. Manzie Tio (named after jazz musicians Manzie Johnson and Lorenzo Tio Jr.) is one of the filmmaker's two adopted daughters with his wife, Soon Yi Previn.

The couple started a media firestorm in the early '90s when the news came out that Woody and Soon-Yi, the adopted daughter of his then-girlfriend, Mia Farrow, had been having an affair. Not only had Woody and Mia been together for more than a decade, but he had known her daughter, Soon-Yi (who was 34 years his junior), since she was just 10 years old. The two married in 1997. Now that they've been husband and wife for 14 years, do you think most people still find their relationship inappropriate

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