Tori Spelling’s son Liam ‘excited’ to start kindergarten and wear a uniform

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Tori Spelling now has an newborn son and a big-boy son. Just a week after welcoming fourth child Finn Davey, her eldest son Liam, 5, started kindergarten. On her blog Wednesday, the former "90210" actress shared an adorable photo of Liam all dressed up in his school uniform, complete with navy blue pants, a jacket (with the school's emblem on the breast pocket), and red plaid tie. "He's super excited because he gets a uniform," Spelling told omg! just two days before she gave birth to her second son on August 30. "It's overwhelming. He recently graduated from pre-school and they had a little ceremony and everything, and that was hard for me."

On her EdiTorial website, Spelling — who is also mom to Stella Doreen, 4, and Hattie Margaret, 11 months, with husband Dean McDermott — went on to reveal that Liam's first day "was a big moment in the McDermott house. Just a few months ago, I sobbed as Liam graduated from pre-school, and this past Thursday the tears flowed again as I watched my baby start Kindergarten. He started at a new school and was so proud to now be wearing a uniform! It's no secret that Liam is a trendsetter and loves his bow ties, so where most toddlers would resist the notion of wearing a tie to school (although at this new school, he only wears a tie once a week), Liam was psyched!"

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But Liam isn't the only child Spelling, 39, loves to brag about on her blog. Last Friday, she posted a photo of Stella posing in a new outfit … one of mommy's shirts, which looked like a dress on the little girl. "Well, we knotted the tank sleeves at the shoulder on both sides and suddenly Stella had herself a super chic dress! And with a little bit of Stella Style attitude thrown into it, she totally pulled it off. It was so much fun for me to be able to share my clothes with my toddler — not something you can usually lay claim to!"

In the past few weeks, Spelling has also shared personal pics of the top newborn Finn's head and third child Hattie playing in a box. She's a proud mama indeed!

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