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As every good Tori Spelling fan knows, she has a ton of passions -- being a mother and wife, writing books, designing jewelry, cooking, throwing weddings, etc. That's why she decided to launch her own lifestyle website, appropriately named ediTORIal, where the 38-year-old reality star will share her "tips and tricks" on everything from being a working mom to throwing a great party. Although she's got a pretty full plate, Tori -- who is currently pregnant with her third child -- found a few minutes in her busy day to chat with omg! about her new venture, as well as her family, their new baby that is due in October, and her mom Candy's infamous gift wrapping room.

Why did you decide to launch ediTORIal? "I wanted to start an online community where women could gather and communicate, get advice, tips, and how to's towards inspired living. I feel life is art and everything you do contributes to the lifestyle you lead. I want to help women to lead a chic, artful, and meaningful life through style, relationships, parenting, food, entertaining, and crafting. And, I think women can lead the lives they want and do it all while still maintaining a budget!"

Are you actually writing all the blog posts yourself? "As the editor-in-chief of ediTORIal, I have a great content team working with me. They all help bring my vision to life. Some blogs I write entirely myself and some blogs my team helps with to keep the train moving and provide amazing daily content to the ediTORIal community. I post one to two blogs daily Monday thru Friday."

Where do you find the time for all of your ventures? "I find the time to do all my ventures simply because of passion. I believe that if everything you do is organic to your life then it all works together. My business ventures all pertain to things I love the most ... my family, fashion, and my love of entertaining."

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You're writing about a lot of different topics -- parenting, decorating, cooking, and relationships, to name a few. What do you think will make readers consider you an "expert" in these areas? "I never claim to my readers to be an 'expert' in any of the fields I write about. All I can do is offer my advice through my experiences and talk candidly to women about the issues we can all relate to."

Gwyneth Paltrow has taken a lot of heat for her website, Are you worried about what critics might say? "I'm not worried because on my site I'm only talking about topics I have an organic interest in ... things I feel comfortable talking to the ediTORIal community about. Topics that don't feel authentic to me I wouldn't talk about."

For some reason, I think it's interesting that Tori Spelling -- the daughter of the late TV mogul Aaron Spelling -- is into crafting. Is that something your own mom, Candy, did with you while growing up, or something you started doing when you had kids? "I got all my love for crafting and inspiration from my mom. Growing up she was an avid crafter and baker and always included me. She had such attention to detail and that's where I get my love for details from. She has an amazing gift wrapping room that would make any crafter swoon! I hope to one day have a big crafting room of my own. And, having kids makes crafting all the more special. We do all projects together."

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Speaking of your childhood, you grew up in L.A. Are you worried at all about the challenges of raising your kids in the Hollywood spotlight? "Although we work in Hollywood, we provide our children with a very balanced lifestyle. We are total homebodies. We have small farm and teach the children about responsibility. They help raise and take care of the animals. We also collect and cook with our chickens eggs. We grow an organic garden that we all garden and harvest together. The kids love planting and then watering their garden. It's great because Liam -- my picky eater -- will eat anything he can pick from our garden. So, we show them a very stable family at-home life."

How would describe the relationship your son Liam, 4, and daughter Stella, 3, have? "Liam and Stella are truly best friends. [The] best thing ever was having them 15 months apart. I love listening to their little conversations they have together. He's definitely in charge and isn't so great at sharing, but Stella idolizes Liam and shares everything with him."

Are they excited about the new baby that's on the way? "They are both excited about the new baby. Liam touches my belly constantly and asks if the baby is sleeping or awake. Liam wants a brother, but is certain it's going to be a girl. He said she'll be his girlfriend! [Laughs] Stella is the baby, so I think the thought of new baby is a little harder for her."

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Do you know if you're having a girl or a boy? "We have one of each, so with this baby we have decided to not find out the sex. It'll be an amazing surprise! It's very hard not to find out though, especially when the doctor says he knows 100% what the sex is."

Who is the disciplinarian when it comes to the kids -- you or your hubby, Dean [McDermott]? "Dean is definitely the disciplinarian in our family. We joke that he's bad cop and I'm good cop. Still, we do try to go at things from a united front when raising the kids."

Do you all eat dinner together as a family? "We try as often as we can to eat dinner together as a family. But, we are both working parents so sometimes it's just not a reality. I love family dinners though. I think they are so important. On weekends, we always have family dinners!"

What are the kids' favorite meals? "Liam is a pretty picky eater although his favorite food is calamari. Stella, on the other hand, eats and tries everything! They both love chicken, fish sticks, and pasta, so we try to be creative with those three food elements."

Check out ediTORIal at, which is updated daily, to get some of Tori's creative tips on love and life, including her recipe for the breakfast treat that prompted her son Liam to say, "Mom, you the best cooker!"

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