Is Suri Cruise Too Old for a Pacifier?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have often been criticized for allowing their 4-year-old daughter Suri to wear fashion accessories deemed too old for her, such as high heels and makeup. Now, the precocious princess has been spotted sucking on a pacifier. Is Suri -- who will turn 5 in April -- too old for the childish "binky"?

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Suri was spotted with the pacifier firmly planted in her mouth as she exited Vera's Burgers in Vancouver, Canada, after grabbing a bite to eat with her mom Katie. According to, it could be a Scientology belief that's allowing Suri to keep sucking. "Suri just isn't told 'no' very often," an insider told, adding, "Scientology encourages you to make your own decisions and learn lessons as you live your life. She'll know herself when it's time to throw the pacifier away, plain and simple."

The co-author of Baby 411, Dr. Ari Brown, told that extended use of a pacifier can cause dental problems such as an overbite in the future. She also noted that parents typically only let their kids keep their pacifier for two reasons -- the parent is afraid of tantrums and it's the only strategy that keeps their kid calm, or, they simply like having a baby and are trying to keep their child in baby mode for as long as possible. "The parent needs to grow up with the child," she said.


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