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It looks like Katie Holmes has a little actress on her hands!

While walking home from her posh private school, Avenues, in Manhattan on Tuesday, Suri hammed it up big time, making a series of very funny faces at a classmate as they said goodbye on the street. Upset to be parting ways, Suri first frowned dramatically at her friend. Her silliness then escalated when she stuck her tongue out — almost as if she was catching snowflake … though this was the day before the nor'easter hit New York City.

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Although the stylish 6-year-old typically dons a uniform to school, she was all about the color pink and animal print that afternoon, wearing two different, contrasting patterns, along with a special Election Day necklace, which she made in class. Tom Cruise's daughter topped off her braids with a headband. She's so girly!

Holmes, 33, was there for school run, but the actress' work schedule has picked up as of late. Earlier this week she began previews for the Broadway play "Dead Accounts" — and although she made a few mistakes performing in the first live version of the show (like when she accidentally dropped a cell phone during a scene) — Holmes received a standing ovation from the audience. And just to show how New York she's become since relocating to the Big Apple full-time after her divorce, she took the subway home after the show. However, Holmes sported sunglasses for the duration of the ride and was accompanied by a burly bodyguard — a distinct reminder that she's not your average resident!

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