Pink’s family fun day with her musical munchkin Willow

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Pink took a break from working on her upcoming album for a day of fun with her daughter, Willow.

The singer and her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart, brought their 1-year-old to the beach in Malibu, California, on Wednesday. Dressed in a yellow cardigan and rolled up print pants, Willow played in the sand with a bright green bucket as her parents looked on. Pink, whose hair is back to its trademark color, had an animated conversation with her little girl when it was time to pack up.

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The same day, Pink and Willow enjoyed a mother-daughter shopping spree at the Malibu store Toy Crazy, which specializes in educational toys. Inside the shop, Willow — who turned 1 on June 2 — appeared to be picking out some new playthings. Soon after, they emerged with Pink carrying her daughter as well as a large shopping bag.

The 32-year-old "Raise Your Glass" rocker announced earlier this year that she's working on her sixth studio album. The first track, "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," will be released on July 9 — and Willow will be featured. "Willow played bells," Pink said in the video announcing the big release. She also "played bass on a couple other songs" on the album.

Pink (real name: Alecia Moore) recently talked pregnancy, motherhood, and what's it's been like working again. "I'm used to going into the studio [I would be] smoking and drinking until three in the morning," she told Cosmopolitan. "But I can't drink as much because I'm breastfeeding. See this glass of wine? Before, I'd have, like, four of them. Now, one is good. Oh, and I quit smoking. I've exorcised a lot of my demons, but I'm still working on myself. I think I'll be a work in progress for the rest of my life."

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Her home life with Hart is drastically different as well. "We've never had a problem with affection. But with a baby? It's kinda gross, but you have to schedule it," she told the magazine. "[Willow] sleeps in bed with us. We're just starting to think about putting her somewhere else, at least for a little while. Either that, or we'll have to resort to getting it on in the laundry room."

And no matter what other celebrity moms may say, Pink said pregnancy wasn't a walk in the park. "I thought I'd feel like a goddess," she told Cosmo. They sell you on that s**t ... like you'll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess. But I kind of enjoyed that too. Hell, yeah, I gained 55 pounds. I think my baby may be part cheesecake."

She is pretty delicious looking, isn't she?

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