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This week is an especially busy one for Pink: It's crunch time in terms of promoting her upcoming album, The Truth About Love, which comes out September 18; she's putting the finishing touches on what is expected to be a kick-ass performance at Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards; and, oh right, she's on the cover of People magazine, complete with a fun new photo shoot with lots of outfit changes. So we assumed that any and all paparazzi pics of the busy singer would show her racing from activity to activity, maybe looking a little tired, and perhaps even in need of some under eye concealer. Then we saw these pictures, which put our pathetic theory to shame.

Looking as calm, cool, and happy as ever, the singer, who turns 33 on Saturday, enjoyed a relaxing visit to a Los Angeles beach with her daughter, Willow, on Wednesday. The mother and daughter plopped down right on the sand and put their beach toys to good use, digging, raking, and filling a bright red bucket. Later, Pink (real name: Alecia Moore) walked her barefoot babe down to the water's edge. Willow, who turned 1 in June, was pretty fearless, going right in the water ... even though she was wearing long pants. Oops!

As for whether or not the busy mom needed some eye concealer, we'll never know. She had on oversized shades throughout their play adventure. So rock star.

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In this week's issue of People, Pink talks about how much she's changed since she moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania just over a decade ago. "I was a delinquent," she admits. "An angry, rebellious, self-righteous, ambitious, crazy person who liked to have too much fun." But all that changed when she and her husband, retired motocross racer Carey Hart, had their daughter. "We have no idea what we did before having Willow," she shares. "Having a child is the best thing that could happen."

And having more children is definitely part of the couple's plan. "I want [Willow to have] brothers and sisters and loud dysfunctional holidays," Pink tells the magazine.

For now though, future babies are on the backburner so she can focus on her new album, The Truth About Love, which drops later this month. As each positive review rolls in, she celebrates them on Twitter. "Holy Sh*t!!! MOM!!!! I got an A!!!! Thanks Entertainment Weekly!!!! My first A outside of study hall!!!!" she wrote on Wednesday. And she's prepping for the VMAs tonight, during which she is expected to show off some of her acrobatic moves while performing one of her new songs, likely "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)."

Talking about the awards show, at which she has performed on three occasions and has won five awards, Pink says it has a special place in her heart. "Being a part of the VMAs for me is extra special because my mom never let me used to watch MTV as a little girl," she told MTV. "I would watch it anyway, but she would also try and ground me, but then I would just sneak out my window and go to someone's house that had MTV, so to be on MTV is quite ironic." She also likes the laid-back vibe of the show. "It's always one of the more enjoyable shows because it's relaxed and it's kind of rock and roll and unpredictable and everyone is having a good time."

Well, she always has known how to "Get the Party Started," hasn't she?

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