Padma Lakshmi’s Daughter Gets a Buzz Cut

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Padma Lakshmi's daughter has a new look! The host and judge of Bravo's "Top Chef" was out and about with her 2-year-old daughter, Krishna Lakshmi-Dell, over the weekend and the little girl was sporting a buzz cut.

During their day out in New York City on Saturday, Lakshmi carried Krishna, who sported a brightly decorated vest and some stylish motorcycle boots. The duo appeared to be headed to or from a party, toting a gift bag. No official word as to why Lakshmi's daughter got a crop top, but there is a Hindu tradition in which the hair of a child gets shaved to cleanse them of negativity from past lives. This typically happens within their first few years of life, so Krishna's cut would be right on target.

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Connecting her daughter with her culture appears to be very important to the single mom, who previously was photographed with the girl while dressed in matching traditional Indian garb and wearing bindis. Not surprisingly, Krishna's first name reflects her roots as well. Before Lakshmi's offspring was born, she talked baby names with, saying, "Don't expect to see an Anglicized name — it will be a classically Indian Sanskrit name." Krishna, meaning dark or blue, is the name of the leading Hindu deity, who himself has 108 names.

Though she's only 2, Krishna's life has already been pretty eventful. Soon after she was born to the model-turned-TV-host in 2010, there was a custody battle over the girl between her famous mother and her father, businessman Adam Dell (his brother founded Dell Computer). Since Lakshmi didn't list Dell's name as the father on their child's birth certificate, he later sued for custody. The case was settled out of court in March and the only information made public was that the girl's last name was changed to reflect both of her parents.

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In a recent interview with iVillage, Lakshmi called her daughter "opinionated" and said she has lots to say — in many different languages. "My daughter is bilingual, so she can count to 10 in a few languages, which is always charming when your relatives come over," she said. "They are very happy about that. She speaks my native language, which is Tamil. It's a South Indian language. She's running and dancing and talking. She has her own personality. She's this fully-formed, tiny, opinionated girl." That includes opinions about music. "She is obsessed with Beyonce. She asked for Beyonce on the iPod, saying: 'Beyonce? Beyonce?' She said yesterday, "I'm a single lady."

Lakshmi also noted that she sees a lot of her own mother in her little girl. "She's very fair-skinned, so I see a white version of my mom [laughs]," she told the site. "Physically she has that kind of crazy curly hair like my mom. And, she just looks like my mom — especially when she wakes up in the morning."

Guess it'll be a while until we see that "crazy curly hair" again.

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