Orlando Bloom Loves His Little Man

Omg Goddess

Nothing is cuter than Orlando Bloom ... except for Orlando Bloom toting his sweet 10-month-old baby boy Flynn around NYC in a Babybjorn! The "Three Musketeers" star, who is married to gorgeous Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, was snapped on Thursday making a call while keeping his adorable son close.

Yes, it's always a pleasant surprise when we see a celebrity out and about without a nanny, but Bloom, 34, has made it clear he wants to be a very involved dad. "I just don't want to be away from him -- at all," the 34-year-old actor told the Radio Times. "We are trying to schedule our lives so that, when I'm working, Flynn and Miranda can be with me. And if she's working I can be with them. Being a hands-on parent is important to me. Time with my son has pretty much gazumped everything that makes me happy."

It's also changed his priorities.

"There's no time for anything other than what you feel really is important," he said in an interview with The Sun. "Everything comes in to focus. There was all that other nonsense you used to spend worrying about, then, hang on a second, I've got this three-hour block here before I'm going to get baby puke on me. What am I going to do with that?"

I'm sure there are about a gazillion fans who'd just love to spend that three hours with you, Orlando.

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