The One Thing Kate Middleton and Holly Madison Have in Common

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The same day that news broke that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their first child and that Kate Middleton had been hospitalized for a form of severe morning sickness, a slightly less famous mom-to-be also checked herself into the hospital thanks to a bad bout of morning sickness: former "Girls Next Door" star Holly Madison.

But unlike the royal mom-to-be, who's attempting to hang on to her privacy, 32-year-old Madison is keeping her more than 1.2 million Twitters followers abreast of her most personal health details. "Almost 7 months and morning sickness took hold! Glad to be otherwise ok, tho," Madison — who is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Las Vegas party promoter Pasquale Rotella — tweeted along with a photo of herself sitting in a hospital room with an IV in her arm and a blanket over her legs, with her reflection in the window.

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After many fans expressed their concern, Madison let them know their words were appreciated. "Thank you for all the get well wishes! Keeping me entertained-forgot to bring a book with me."

It doesn't sound like her issue is quite as serious as Middleton's, who according to an official statement from the palace, has been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare form of acute morning sickness that is so severe it results in weight loss. Women who are diagnosed with the disorder have usually lost at least 5 percent of their pre-pregnancy weight, and, as in the case of Middleton, are sometimes hospitalized so that doctors can make sure they're properly hydrated and getting proper nutrients. About three quarters of pregnant women experience morning sickness — which includes nausea and vomiting — but it's usually in the early stages of pregnancy. So the fact that the former Playboy Playmate is dealing with it at seven months along is actually pretty rare. Though not as rare as a pregnant woman tweeting out a photo of her IV drip.

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