Michelle and Matilda’s Snow Day

Omg Goddess
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Michelle Williams and her 3-year-old daughter Matilda bundled up in their winter gear to enjoy all the snow that fell in NYC yesterday. While the actress is frequently photographed hanging out with her little girl in their Brooklyn 'hood, the one place where you won't see the duo on a regular basis is Hollywood.

"I wouldn't raise [Matilda] there," Michelle recently told Britain's Telegraph newspaper. "For all the obvious reasons ... being [Heath Ledger's] daughter. It's a town that's about one thing and I want her to have options."

While Williams would like her daughter to become a doctor, Matilda currently has her sights set on being a cowgirl. But I wouldn't completely rule out a career in entertainment for Ledger's little girl as she does have acting talent in her genes! No matter what she decides to be when she grows up, Matilda's already got an Oscar. Her late father was recently awarded the statuette for his work in "The Dark Knight." Although the Heath's parents and sister accepted the Academy Award on his behalf, the trophy will eventually be given to Matilda when she is 18.

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