Michael and Carys’ Subway Ride

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Just days after he and Catherine Zeta-Jones got all glammed up to attend the Golden Globe awards in Los Angeles, Michael Douglas was back to his regular daddy duties in NYC. The "Wall Street" star was spotted taking his 7-year-old daughter Carys to school Wednesday, and the two trekked there like true New Yorkers -- via the subway.

On the red carpet at the Globes, Ryan Seacrest asked Michael how he was feeling, and the actor, who looks far more robust than he did a few months ago, was upbeat: "Great," he replied with a smile, adding, "Tumor's gone. This type of cancer doesn't usually come back. I have to check in every month but I'm so happy to be out ... Being able to come to this thing cancer-free is pretty special."

When he took to the stage to receive the Icon Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival last week, Douglas shared that his fight with cancer had brought him closer than ever to his family. "One thing that all cancer survivors talk about is a new depth of feeling that you have for loved ones," he said, adding, "It's made us even closer, and certainly there's a depth of emotion and an appreciation of your daily life that you didn't have before."

At the event, the star told People.com that his kids, Carys, and Dylan, 10, dealt with his sickness amazingly well. "They were extraordinarily good about it, because the most difficult part is that it just knocks you out, and so you lie around a lot, and it's just very frustrating that you can't get up and play. Their patience was extraordinary, so last weekend we all had a nice little celebration with Catherine, and we went out for some lunch and my son Dylan was like, 'Uh-oh, that means you can catch me now!'"

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