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Although his "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch" days are behind him, David Hasselhoff is still in the spotlight, whether he's being the first contestant eliminated on last season's "Dancing With the Stars" or roasted on Comedy Central. Now, The Hoff and his family are giving fans a glimpse into their lives with a new reality show appropriately called "The Hasselhoffs."

While the 58-year-old entertainer says he didn't initially have a desire to have the cameras following him 24/7, he changed his mind when his daughters, Taylor-Ann, 20, and Hayley, 18, asked him to help them launch a career in music. "I figured it was a way to get the message out about [them] being singers and because they're good and because I believe in them," he says. "I also thought it was a way for me to tell the world who I am without having to sit on a panel and answer questions on a talk show, or react to some magazine that's printing absolute lies about me that hurt my daughters."

But even though the media does sometimes take unnecessary jabs at him, The Hoff doesn't let the haters get him down. "When I'm walking down the streets of New York it's, 'Yo! Knight Rider, we love you and we don't care what they say about you.'" he shares. "99 percent of the time its unadulterated love no matter where I go."

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That's why he also had no qualms about being the subject for a Comedy Central Roast in August, where plenty of jokes were made at his expense about cheeseburgers (remember the infamous YouTube video clip of The Hoff on the kitchen floor?) and his singing. "It's about taking it all in stride and moving forward and laughing at yourself and laughing at your mistakes," he notes. "OK, yeah, I have these problems. But let's have a good laugh and get over it because I have." Interestingly enough, Hasselhoff's old "Baywatch" pal Pamela Anderson got skewered at the roast as much as he did, and while she was visibly upset, "In the end, we're still the first in line at the bank," he chuckles.

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Despite his personal battle with alcohol, David and his ex-wife Pamela Bach have managed to raise a couple of girls who seem incredibly well-adjusted and confident considering the fact that they've grown up in Hollywood. "I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that as much as my marriage fell apart in the end, the love and our commitment to our children and being parents never did," he notes. "We were always there on the soccer field and picking them up from school and we're still there. No matter what, we stick together."

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And although Taylor-Ann and Hayley are now at an age where kids might not necessarily want to be hanging out with their parents, the Hasselhoffs are so tight that the girls have even gone on tour with their dad, and are gearing up to join him on New Year's Eve in Berlin for the 20th anniversary of the Wall coming down. "We're going to be singing 'Looking for Freedom,' which I did 20 years ago in front of a million people on the Berlin Wall," he says. "For some strange reason, I'm bigger than ever over in Germany!"  

"The Hasselhoffs" premieres Sunday, December 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.

And don't forget to check out Taylor-Ann and Hayley Hasselhoff's Facebook page to find out more about their band, Bella Vida.

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