Mark Wahlberg’s Trip to the American Girl Place

Omg Goddess

Did you ever think you'd see Mark Wahlberg (aka Marky Mark) carrying a shopping bag from the American Girl Place? The hunky father of three took his daughter Ella to the popular toy store's LA location and loaded up on goodies for his 5-year-old and her "American Girl."

While the dolls are wildly popular, they aren't cheap. If you didn't already know, the average price of an American Girl doll will run you at least $95! Don't even get me started on the clothing, which ranges in price from approximately $18-$78. And if you feel like you haven't spent enough money on your kid's doll yet, you can buy it furniture, pets, and even schedule an appointment for it at the American Girl Doll Hospital, where they can get their ears pierced! What a racket. It makes a mom long for the crazy days of Cabbage Patch Kids.