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Lakers Lads

Omg Goddess
April 1, 2011

Having fun at the Los Angeles Lakers game on Thursday were a couple of Hollywood's hottest dads -- David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg. David brought his 8-year-old son Romeo, while Mark took in the b-ball game with his 5-year-old cutie Michael. 

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When Beckham made an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" earlier that night, he told Jimmy that Romeo has already decided on a name for his baby sister, who is due this summer. When they thought it was going to be another boy, Romeo told his mom and dad the baby should be called "Justin Bieber Beckham," in tribute to his favorite pop star. When they found out it was going to be a girl, Romeo adapted his choice to "Justine Bieber Beckham." 

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While Romeo looked to be having a great time checking out all the action -- and pointing giant purple fingers in his father's direction -- Mark's little one Michael seemed a little more overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd as he and his "Fighter" dad watched the home team defeat the Dallas Mavericks 110-82. 

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