Kristin Davis’ Park Playdate with Daughter Gemma Rose

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Kristin Davis became a mom later in life, but the "Sex and the City" star has jumped right into the swing of things.

The 47-year-old actress, who adopted daughter Gemma Rose last August, spent a fun-filled day at a Los Angeles park with her little girl over the weekend. Photos show the toddler smiling and clapping her hands while Davis pushed her in a swing. The proud mom — dressed in a striped sweater, jeans, and sneakers — was beaming during the mommy-and-me time.

Davis has said that the eight months that she's been a mother have flown by. "She's a big girl. She just last week started pulling herself up to standing," she recently told "Good Morning America." "It really goes by fast. Everyone says that, but until you're there you really can't quite believe it. It's a lot of responsibility being a single mom, but in some ways I wish I had come to it sooner."

Davis was connected with her daughter through a domestic adoption agency, which she was initially wary about. "I had seen too many nighttime television shows about the drama [of domestic adoptions]," Davis told the news show. "I was very nervous. I had planned to do it internationally, but I realized the wait was three to five years and I just couldn't wait that long. Here in our country we have kids in need and the foster system is not really a great option. Once I made the decision, it moved very quickly and I have a beautiful, healthy, baby girl."

Make that a beautiful baby girl who she hates being away from. "The only challenge is getting out of the house," she told "Entertainment Tonight." "I knew this would be true but you're so attached and it's just so fun to be there that it's hard to go."

That's not say Davis has given up working. Earlier this year she appeared in the Lifetime movie "Of Two Minds" as well as the film "Journey 2: The Mystery Island." And she'd happily reprise her role as Charlotte in another "Sex and the City" flick if the opportunity presents itself.

"I would love to do it," she told "GMA" about a possible reunion. "I think we would all love to do it. Maybe it will happen. We've really never known what would happen in our journey with 'Sex and the City.' We always think it's over and then it's not. Whenever we see each other we always talk about it socially."

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