John Travolta Makes Mother’s Day Video for Kelly Preston

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John Travolta really wants us to forget about the many, many men who have come forward and charged him with sexual battery over the past few weeks and remember that he is a married family man. So on Mother's Day, he posted a video "gift" he made for his wife of 21 years, Kelly Preston, on his personal website with the message that she was so "happy" with it, "we wanted to share it with you." The four-and-a-half-minute video — set to the Barbara Streisand song, "That Face" — is a montage of personal photos (and a few paparazzi shots) of the couple over the years and their children, Jett, who died in 2009 at age 16, Ella, 12, and Benjamin, 19 months. At the end, a note saying, "Happy Mother's Day! With all my love, Johnny," flashes on screen.

Preston was so touched by the gesture, she re-posted the video on Vimeo the next day. "My husband, Johnny, made his directorial debut creating a special Mother's Day video for me," she wrote. "I was so moved and love it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you."

The video is the first the public has heard from Travolta, 58, and Preston, 49, since the sexual battery allegations first came to light on May 7. Since then, at least three other men have come forward to say they too were groped by the "Grease" actor after he hired them for a massage. The first two accusers, who were both asking for $2 million, have since withdrawn their lawsuits and lawyered up with powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred. After it was reported that both unidentified masseurs dropped their cases because they were paid off by Travolta, his lawyer Marty Singer responded, "Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims."

Still, the accusers are not slinking away. Allred said in a statement on Thursday that they are considering re-filing their lawsuits. "We believe that the lawsuit should be filed in another court and, therefore, the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice," she said. "We will be conferring with our client regarding what will happen next in this case."

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