Jessica’s Little Girl Gets Training Wheels

Georgia Toomey
Omg Goddess

Do you remember getting your first bike? Training wheels and all, it was a cool graduation from your baby tricycle -- especially if you had an older brother of sister around who was way ahead of you speeding down the sidewalk on their two-wheeler! Little Honor Warren got to experience that simple thrill Wednesday when her mom Jessica Alba took her to Helen's Cycles in Santa Monica, California, to pick out her first big girl bike.

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After test riding a few different bicycles, Honor, who turns three in June, settled on a shiny new purple number with pink rims, a white seat, and training wheels. The bike was even on sale for $119.99. 

For Jessica, safety is the number one priority, so along with her bike, Honor scored a bright pink helmet that she loved so much, she wouldn't let it leave her head, even when they left the store!

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