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Jessica Alba has launched a second career as an expert on eco-friendly living, so it's no surprise the movie star was snapped shopping for organic products, along with her 7-month-old daughter Haven, at Whole Foods in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The fair-haired little girl sat in the shopping cart as Alba loaded the cart with fruit, veggies, and some organic wine.

During the shopping trip, the "Fantastic Four" star was wearing an Honest Company T-shirt, which is the non-toxic cleaning product line she co-founded following the birth of her eldest daughter, Honor, 3. Alba recently announced that she'll be writing a book, out next year, sharing the secrets behind raising her two children in a chemical-free environment.

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"It's what I've learned along the way through trial and error — things that are actually attainable and applicable to me and to my life," Jessica told LilSugar. "I'm not growing organic vegetables at my house and picking them and feeding [them to] my family. I'm a working mom, so for me, it was easier to use disposable diapers. I do the best I can. I make my kids organic food, but I'm not the extreme. I think a lot of people probably fall more in the category where I fall — we want the best for our families, but sometimes we feel like it's too hard and it's too unattainable to go all the way and grow a garden and do that. So where's the happy medium? The book's going to be a very simple handbook on little things you can do that add up and make a big difference."

Alba has said that the addition of baby Haven into the family has been an easy transition. "I think going from no kids to one was the biggest adjustment," she told the website. "Once my older one was out of diapers and was a little bit more self-sufficient, I found that having another one was easier than it would have been if I had two in diapers. I think the toughest part is probably just your time. You still want to spend time with both of them and you find you have less time for yourself. Once [Honor] is down for her nap then I have the baby and I get to spend time with [Haven], where I used to be cooking or doing emails or reading or talking to a girlfriend. So now it's about organizing my time and trying to be as efficient as possible."

Another parenting method she and her husband, Cash Warren, adhere to is that while spending time with their girls they are completely focused on their wee ones. "I don't work as much as I used to, and that's definitely helped for me, to prioritize our time," she told ModernMom. "On the weekends, my husband and I have made an agreement that when we're with our [daughters], it's pure family time — no blackberry, no email, no texting — just really trying to give [them] as much attention as humanly possible."

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