Jessica Alba and her ‘global citizen’ daughters take Manhattan

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Some appearances in New York City led to a family getaway for Jessica Alba. In between putting in time on some TV shows as well as attending a fashion event, the mother of two was free to enjoy summer in the city with her girls.

Stylishly attired in a sleeveless shirt, loose-fitting pants, and strappy sandals, Alba pushed a double stroller holding Honor and Haven along the Hudson River Greenway path on Thursday. Their destination? A Chelsea park, which was primed for some serious playtime. While Alba held Haven, who is nearly 1, for the majority of their time they were there, 4-year-old Honor — clearly an experienced park attendee — fearlessly navigated the jungle gym and a rope swing. The pre-schooler kicked off her shoes, rolled up her pants, and wasted no time joining in on the fun.

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And proving that motherhood can be messy even for glamorous celebrities, at one point Alba, 31, was giving the girls a snack and a bottle of water accidentally spilled onto her lap, soaking her pants. Oops!

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Not long after the wet pants incident, Alba was decidedly more glam at a fashion event held in honor of her pal Narciso Rodriguez. Friends for the last eight years, Alba praised the designer, who was celebrating the re-launch of his shoe line, for creating outfits that get her put on all the best-dressed lists —- even when she's not feeling red-carpet ready. "He always makes me look good," Alba said to reporters at the lunch, which was hosted by Barneys New York. "I can really, really look broke-down sometimes … Narciso makes a difference."

She was equally as stylish wearing a vintage blue dress Wednesday on "The View," where she was promoting her side job as the co-founder of The Honest Company, which sells non-toxic baby and family home products. During her chat with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the gang, the "Fantastic Four" star shared some photos of her daughters and talked about traveling with them to Japan, Italy, and France. "I am really big on manners," shared Alba, who is married to producer Cash Warren. "And I feel like now more than ever our kids feel like global citizens because of the Internet and because we have access to the world in a way we never did before in history. So having them travel with me and exposing them to the cultures is amazing. I feel so blessed that I can do that. And I want my 4-year-old to know 'please,' 'thank you,' and 'hello' in every language, so I drill it into her head everywhere we go. She learns it and she's really polite about it."

We're sure little Honor's international vocabulary will expand significantly next year. Alba has two big movies coming out, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill for" and "Machete Kills," which will take her — and likely her "global citizens" — to many new and exciting destinations around the world.

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