Jeremy Sisto Names Son Bastian Kick

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After 12 days of being called "unnamed boy" by his parents, Jeremy Sisto's newborn son finally has an official moniker: Bastian Kick. What took so long? According to the "Suburgatory" actor, "Little man finally told us his name," he tweeted on Wednesday. Coming up with a name best-suited for their son proved to be very stressful for Sisto and his wife Addie Lane, who are also parents to a 2-year-old girl, Charlie-Ballerina. A week after the baby was born, the actor revealed during an interview on "Live! With Kelly" that he and Lane had to file multiple extensions with the hospital because they couldn't decide on a name. "I'm hoping something magical happens — [something] that makes me think, 'Of course this is supposed to be his name.'" So what does Bastian Kick mean?

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According to Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard, the little boy's first name isn't that out-there. Bastian is actually a shortened version of Sebastian, which is currently No. 68 in the U.S. for baby names. Although Bastian itself is not as popular in this country, it is somewhat common in Germany, where it's No. 86, and in Chile, where it is ranked at No. 17. "In the United States, the real touchstone for the name is the movie 'The NeverEnding Story,'" Wattenberg tells omg! of the 1984 fantasy film about a boy named Bastian who becomes a part "The NeverEnding Story" book he's reading. "And that's really the Bastian people think of here. Even though that wasn't the biggest hit movie, it has had a lasting impact on baby names. Kids who grew up with that story, now that our naming culture is so much more creative, are giving those names to their kids. There are hundreds of boys named Atreyu every year," she adds, regarding the movie's other protagonist. "The great thing from a naming perspective, it's probably the only story ever where you save the world by giving someone the right name."

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As for little Bastian's middle name, Kick, Wattenberg suspects the word may hold special meaning to Sisto and his wife. After all, their daughter's middle name, Ballerina, also brings to mind something to do with feet. Or maybe it's just a word they liked. After all, Sisto has admitted his wife "went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren't normally names."

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