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Jennifer Garner put in a serious bid for America's Sweetheart when she hosted Frigidaire and Save the Children's Make Time for Change initiative in New York last October. The actress continued to melt hearts -- and chocolate -- when she helped Frigidaire launch The Kids' Cooking Academy on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

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Save the Children's online Cooking Academy program -- with web cooking lessons hosted by chef Mary Sue Milliken -- aims to inspire families to feed their kids healthy meals that they can all make together. The best part is, each time a parent signs up to receive Garner and Milliken's daily cooking tips and kid-friendly recipes, Frigidaire will donate $1 toward Save the Children's U.S. programs, which provide nutritious food to underprivileged children.

"It's so important to teach kids how to feed their bodies," said Garner. "You can't learn, you can't pay attention in school, and you can't be active if your brain isn't well-fed and if your body isn't healthy. The Frigidaire Kids' Cooking Academy is a great way to start involving your kids in the kitchen."

With two children of her own -- Violet and Seraphina Affleck -- helping kids in need is a cause close to Garner's heart. At the launch, the actress told, "I've been working as an artist ambassador with Save the Children for several years now. I believe in it so, so wholeheartedly. One in five kids in the United States is growing up in poverty, which means that they are starting out so far behind in their literacy and in their kindergarten readiness that by the time they get to kindergarten, they are already a couple of years behind kids who are growing up in the middle class. So how are they ever going to catch up? It's just a cycle. And Save the Children is really doing huge things to break that cycle."

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To help the cause, sign up for daily tips and cooking lessons at The Kids' Cooking Academy.

For more of Jen's culinary skills, check out this clip of her cookin' up a storm with Martha Stewart:

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