Jack Osbourne has his hands full with baby Pearl after reality TV debacle

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While Jack Osbourne has had a lot of personal difficulties to overcome lately, his family life appears to be idyllic.

Over the weekend, the new dad was out with his best girls: his fiancée, Lisa Stelly, and their daughter, Pearl, who will be 4 months later this month. At first glance the 26-year-old reality TV star — donning a baseball cap with a skull and crossbones — looks like a bit of a tough guy. But then you drop your gaze from his hat to his arms, where you see him lovingly cradling Pearl in a way that proves he can also be a big softie.

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Jack and his family had lunch at Malibu's Country Kitchen on Sunday. They were seated at an outside table with Stelly holding three-month old Pearl as she ate. The sleepy little girl, dressed in a red and blue floral onesie with a matching hat, became a little cranky when Jack picked her up at one point, which prompted him to give her a little extra TLC.

Although you can't tell by these sweet pix, Jack has been having a tough time. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis weeks after Pearl was born this past spring, his mother, Sharon Osbourne, announced last week that she's quitting "America's Got Talent" because she claims NBC fired Jack from its upcoming competition series "Stars Earn Stripes" after he went public with his diagnosis. The network has denied any wrongdoing, saying Jack hadn't signed a contract with the show, which features celebs partaking in various military-style physical challenges. However, Sharon maintained her position, telling The New York Post, "It's discrimination, and it was badly handled."

Reminding us of the kid we watched grow up on MTV's "The Osbournes" nearly a decade ago, Jack gave only one brief comment about the NBC drama. "People make decisions, I'll just have to live with it," he told TMZ on Sunday. "That's all one can really say ... The bright side is the show is probably gonna suck anyway."

And he has better things ahead. Jack and Stelly, who have been dating since early 2011, are going to tie the knot this fall. Jack has said that the wedding planning has helped distract him from his autoimmune disease, which affects the central nervous system, often causing vision loss, paralysis, and cognitive damage. "It's something great to focus on," he told Hello! magazine of his upcoming nuptials. "Even when I was at the hospital, we were discussing the plans. It's going to be great."

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