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When Heidi Klum is hosting a Halloween party, it's a guaranteed good time! I was lucky enough to get into the supermodel's 11th annual Halloween bash on Sunday, which was held at Lavo in NYC. Known for her outrageous costumes, Heidi certainly did not disappoint as she somehow managed to maneuver the red carpet in an 8-foot-tall robotic red-and-purple plastic costume designed by Martin Izquierdo -- creator of the Victoria's Secret angel wings. "I wanted to be like an alien Transformer," she said of her out-of-this-world disguise.   

Transformation was definitely the theme, as the blond "Project Runway" host was unrecognizable in her fiery red mane, glittering purple face paint, and fangs. But to really pull off the 8-foot ensemble -- which took her a few hours to put on -- she also had to take a crash course in stilt walking. Unfortunately, despite her catwalk career, Klum was a little wobbly as she made her way into the soiree. "I practiced a few times," she revealed. "It's not that hard!"  But it was a little hard to move in. "I can't really bend anything," she admitted.

As for Heidi's hubby Seal, "He did not want to be on stilts, so he thought, 'OK, instead of height, I'm gonna go wider,'" shared Klum. "So he wanted to be the Silver Surfer." The happy couple jokingly staged an "alien showdown" on the red carpet and, although Heidi towered over Seal, gave each other a quick smooch.

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Not surprisingly, Heidi's four children love Halloween, too! "This year, I have a little princess, Superman, a witch, and a Dracula," the model mom said proudly. "If it was up to [the kids] we'd go to the pumpkin patch every day and they would wear costumes every day. They would keep the spider decorations hanging outside of the house for the rest of the year."

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